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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the January Intersession Budget Sheet for Dayton Faculty-Led: CAP-focused Program in Mexico.

January Intersession Budget Sheet for Dayton Faculty-Led: CAP-focused Program in Mexico
January Intersession Budget Sheet for Dayton Faculty-Led: CAP-focused Program in Mexico
Budget Item UD Students
Program Fee *   $1,200.00
Billable subtotal:  $1,200.00
Application Fee   $50.00
Estimated Airfare   $600.00
Estimated Local Transportation   $50.00
Estimated Meals/Personal Expenses/Misc.   $100.00
Passport   $135.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $935.00
Total: $2,135.00
Note: Students will not be assessed intersession tuition for this program, as the 3 credit course will be part of their fall semester course load. No additional tuition will be charged beyond what the student already pays for a typical fall semester (unless they are going beyond their allotted number of total credits).

Students are encouraged to visit the Flyer Student Services Office to discuss financial aid for study abroad.
A list of University of Dayton scholarships for study abroad can be found here.

Billable items will be posted to your student account in the fall and you will receive your bill in the same manner as you do for semester courses (either through your account online or mailed to you). 
Billable program costs cover all accommodations during the program, a limited number of meals (welcome dinner, farewell dinner), program site visits/excursions, and transportation between program sites.
Non-billable items will not be posted to your student account. As noted above, this is an estimated amount. You will need to cover international airfare, most meals, books, passport and visa fees (if applicable), a phone that works while abroad, and spending money.
University of Dayton Refund and Withdrawal Policy for Faculty-Led Programs
The costs associated with University of Dayton faculty-led programs include, but are not limited to excursions and field trips, accommodations, a limited number of meals, and ground transportation. All costs are collectively negotiated for the purpose of reducing expenses, and most are paid in advance for all participants.  For that reason, the University sets and enforces strict refund and withdrawal policies.   Make sure you understand the following consequences of withdrawing from a faculty-led program.
  • Students may only withdraw from a program by submitting the withdrawal notice in writing (email) to the Office of Education Abroad. These email notifications must be sent to Kelly Brannan Trail at or Erin Gahimer at 
  • Withdrawal circumstances beyond the applicant’s control may exempt the student from fee liabilities upon approval from the Office of Education Abroad.
  • A telephone call or in person office visit is NOT an acceptable method for a withdrawing from a program.
  • Students placed on probation after applying for study abroad, or dismissed from the University will be withdrawn from the program automatically. However, this withdraw will not occur until we are informed of the disciplinary sanction by the Office of Community Standards and Civility, which may be several weeks after the disciplinary sanction is rendered. Thus, students are encouraged to proactively notify the Office of Education Abroad if they are put on probation or dismissed from the university. Students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons are subject to the financial obligations schedule as of the date that the Office of Education Abroad withdraws their application. (See schedule below).
  • If a program is cancelled by the University for any reason at any date then affected students will not be subject to any financial withdrawal penalties.
  • Questions? Contact Kelly Brannan Trail at or 937-229-3596.

Students who withdraw are liable for the following costs:

$50 Application fee: Non-refundable regardless of date and/or reason for withdrawal.
$200 Deposit: Non-refundable

Additional Financial Obligations
Because the University makes several non-refundable payments on behalf of students, the following charges will be added to the student’s account based on the date at which they withdraw from the program:

Withdrawal after the program has started: $1,200 charged (entire Program Fee)
Withdrawal 4 weeks or less before  the start of the program: $1000 charged
Withdrawal 4 - 6 weeks before the start of the program: $800 charged
Withdrawal 6 - 8  weeks before the start of the program: $600 charged
Withdrawal 8 – 10 weeks before the start of the program: $400 charged
Withdraw 10 weeks or more before the start of the program: $200 non-refundable deposit is retained

These charges will be added to the student’s account, minus the $200 deposit already received.
* Billable item
* Billable item