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How to apply

Park Guell in Spain

Overview of the application process

Each type of program has a different set of application procedures, although there is much in common between the different application types. Please read below to find out general information about the specific type of program application to expect as a UD study abroad student. 

Please note that once you have been accepted into a program, you will continue to use this website to manage paperwork and procedures for the program.  You'll officially commit to the program, and then complete the requirements for the program in the same way that you applied for the program initially - online!  So, remember to continue to log in to your application even after you've been accepted.

Non-UD Study Abroad Program Application

A non-UD study abroad program is defined as one sponsored by another college/university or a study abroad organization and where academic credits are issues by another institution. 

All UD students participating in a non-UD program must complete a special application form for non-UD programs. Click on “Search Programs” and look for the Third Party Provider/Non-UD Study Abroad Programs Application. Select “Apply Now” and follow the instructions. 

Students wishing to participate in non-UD programs are required to:

  • Complete the Third Party Provider/Non-UD Study Abroad Programs Application.
  • Meet with their academic advisor and dean’s office to discuss the courses which they would like to take while overseas. Students must have current course descriptions and syllabi, if requested by the dean’s office, when they meet with the advisor. Please note, past approval of particular courses does not imply approval for following years. Each case will be evaluated based on its individual characteristics and circumstances. 
  • Complete all required forms including:

a. Education Abroad Authorization Form

b. Release form

c. Program Information questionnaire

d. Applicant agreement and release of records

e. Release of Information to providers

f. Financial aid consortium agreement, if receiving federal aid

Students from the Schools of Business  Administration and Engineering  must also complete the transfer credit form from their units.

These forms can be found in your application online. The application must be completed and approved prior to registering or making any commitment to participate in a program. 

Please note that this UD application and requirements does not substitute for the chosen study abroad program process. Please follow any instructions that your specific program provider requires as well.

Exchange Program Application

An exchange program is a semester or year-long program whereby UD students matriculate directly into a partner university (either abroad or at a Marianist university), and students from that partner enroll directly for courses at UD.  It is expected that there will be an even balance of students coming to and leaving from UD.  The application process includes completing the UD application, as well as completing the partner's application process upon being meeting all the requirements on the UD and being nominated as an exchange student for the program.

Students on an exchange can expect that for the UD portion of the application, the following must be submitted:
  1. Education Abroad Authorization Form
  2. Release form
  3. Applicant agreement and release of records
  4. Behavioral Contract
  5. Student Health Info Sheet
  6. Official UD transcript
  7. (Varies) Submit letters of recommendation and in-person interviews

These forms can be found in Studio Abroad after you create an application. The application must be completed and approved prior to being nominated for an exchange.

Dayton Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Application

To apply for any faculty-led program through the University of Dayton, please find the program using the programs search tool and select "Apply Now." Once you log in (for UD students, please log in using your LDAP username and password), you will then respond to a series of questions and be taken to the Program Application Page.

The Program Application Page will include important documents and questionnaires that you must either complete, or view and digitally sign. Review each step closely to ensure that you've completed all the requirements for applying to the program.  Once you have been accepted into the program, another series of documents will become available for you to submit, and as you move through the application process, Studio Abroad will provide you with more tools and information. 

Service or Non-credit bearing Program Applications

Students who would like to participate on Service or non-credit bearing programs sponsored by UD will complete are forms particular to that program using this website. As with the faculty-led study abroad program, students should search for programs on the Search Programs page and select "Apply Now."  All pertinent forms and relevant data specific to the program can be found upon application in the system.