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Financial Aid

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Financing your education abroad experience can be daunting, but we are here to help! The information you need will be specific to the type, duration, and timing of your program. It is very important for you to discuss your plans with both your Education Abroad Advisor, as well as your Financial Aid Officer, prior to finalizing your plans to go abroad. Download the the Financial Aid Overview for more details.

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Remember that the key to understanding your financial aid options is to understand what your budget is for the program.  For Education Abroad Programs, you will always have a budget that includes tuition, room, board, and travel costs, as well as some miscellaneous costs associated with your program or site (fees, visa or residency paperwork costs, etc.). Your financial aid award will vary depending upon which program costs are eligible for a particular type of aid, and this will vary from student to student. Your financial aid package is unique to your circumstances and your program, so it does require you to follow up individually with Financial Aid and Education Abroad to finalize your program budget and aid package.  

UD’s Summer and Winter Courses, Integrated Learning, and Cross-Cultural Programs

If a student is traveling through a UD program over a break, this is typically an additional expense for students. However, some federal or institutional aid may be available. A financial aid counselor will determine eligibility after review of aid received by the student during the fall and spring semesters. Tuition remission is applicable. Students can apply for additional scholarships.

Exchange Programs

Students that attend a semester exchange program typically pay only UD tuition for the term(s) that they are abroad and are responsible for arranging and paying for housing, meals and other expenses on site. On select programs, students also pay UD room and board and these amenities are pre-arranged for them prior to their arrival in-country.

Students interested in participating in a semester or full-year program through one of UD's partner institutions may use their federal and institutional aid to cover their costs of studying abroad. Tuition remission is applicable for programs with partner institutions.

Non-UD Programs/Third Party Providers

Institutional aid may not be used for non-UD programs, but some federal aid may be used for these programs.


Students may be eligible for University scholarship programs, specifically for education abroad opportunities, and external scholarship programs.

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External scholarships >>

For all programs, students should consult a financial aid counselor in Flyer Student Services at or 937-229-4411 to review individual packages and options.

Click here to for more information on Study Abroad Financial Aid for Undergraduates from Flyer Student Services.