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Voting Abroad

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As a US Citizen, your right to vote moves with you wherever you are in the world. If you'd like to vote, below are steps on how to receive an Absentee Ballot abroad. 

Steps to Receive an Absentee Ballot

1. Go to the website
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2. Click “Request an Absentee Ballot” on the home page. Accept the privacy agreement, then select your state of residence.
3. The application then requires personal information to verify your identity and send your ballot. Fill out this information. 
4. Choose how you would like to receive your ballot (email, mail or fax) then input the corresponding contact information.
5. Next, download the PDF Package. This will give you instructions on how to send in your voting materials. Print and sign these forms then follow the directions for mailing, emailing or faxing in your forms respectively.
6. Send in your information and you will receive the ballot to vote!
Please visit for more information. Click here to learn more about upcoming primary election dates or to request an absentee ballot.