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Transferring credits

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U.S. Students

Students who plan on studying abroad on an exchange or third party provider program must receive approval before taking courses for credit towards your UD degree.  All students planning on studying abroad on one of these programs must obtain pre-approval for your selected courses during the application and pre-departure process.  The Office of Education Abroad will provide you with a Course Pre-Approval Form once you have submitted a program application.  This form should be filled out with your intended courses from your selected program and given to your academic advisor in the department of your major for review and transfer approval.  The successful submission of this completed form prior to your departure will ensure that the courses you took abroad will be transferred to UD and count towards your degree, so long as each course is passed with the equivalent of a C- or better. 

International Students

If you are an international UD degree-seeking student and wish to study abroad on an exchange or third party provider program, you must also undergo the course pre-approval process with your academic advisor as stated above. 

As an international student, you are also encouraged to notify the International Student and Scholar Services Office of your intent to study abroad so that you may receive proper advising on your current visa status and implications for studying abroad.

International students may also desire to take courses at a school close to home over the summer or during a break in the academic calendar.  If you would like to take courses at an accredited university in your home country and have those courses transfer back towards your UD degree, you must follow the official Transfer Credit Policy in consultation with your academic advisor and details about this process may be found here.