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Technology Abroad

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International travel entails some degree of risk, especially with regard to the security of technology resources like laptops, smartphones, and mobile devices. If you’re planning to bring technology with you as work, study or visit abroad, you’ll want to prepare your devices for the trip, as well.

Preparing your laptop, tablet or phone for travel includes steps to:

  • Protect your devices and data while traveling
  • Protect University of Dayton systems and data   
  • Ensure your data / cell service plan is optimized for international travel (so you don’t end up with an astronomical bill upon your return)
  • Educate yourself about best practices for traveling with technology

Traveling with a UD-owned device (phone, laptop or tablet)

Contact the IT Service Center (937-229-3888) at least 7 days but no more than 30 days before you plan to travel for assistance preparing this device.

NOTE: Additional charges incurred on UD-owned phones during travel abroad may be assessed to the device holder if contract arrangements are not confirmed in advance. If you have a UD mobile device, please contact Aleta George at ageorge1 or 937-229-4327 to discuss international calling plan options.


Traveling with a personal device (phone, laptop or tablet)

Here are some recommendations for getting your personal technology ready to travel.

NOTE: Per UD’s Electronic Use of Confidential Data policy, employees should not store sensitive data on personally-owned devices.

The US Departments of Commerce and Defense restricts export of anything that poses a threat to our national security or conduct of trade. If any of the intellectual property or software you are carrying falls into the categories listed on the Commerce Control List, reach out to UD’s Compliance Program Administrator/Facility Security Officer at 937-229-2919.

If you have questions about intellectual property in general, contact UD’s Director for Technology Partnerships at 937-229-3469.


Before traveling:

While traveling:

  • Keep a close watch on your devices - don’t leave them unattended
  • Avoid using removable media (USB flash drives, external hard drives)

When you return:

  • Change your UD password
  • Run a full antivirus scan
  • Contact your cell provider / check your phone bill to ensure international charges and plans are no longer in effect

2-Factor Authentication While Traveling

What if I lose my phone, tablet, or hardware token when I’m traveling?

Contact the IT Service Center (927-229-3888) immediately if your device is lost or stolen. The technician will assist you in disabling the lost device and registering another device.

Can I enroll an international phone?

Yes, you can use an international mobile phone or landline for authentication via Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When prompted at the self-service portal to enter your phone number, type a “+” and the number.

I’m traveling to a location with poor cell coverage; how can I use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

In cases where cell coverage is not available, use the Duo Mobile app (smartphone only) to generate a passcode to use as your second factor. That’s one of the advantages of the Duo Mobile app; no cellular (or internet) coverage is needed to generate a passcode.

I use a landline for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and I’m going away for a week. Can I still use the service?

Yes, you can forward your enrolled phone to another number or contact the IT Service Center to request a 2FA authentication token.


While you're away, if you have problems please contact the UDit Help Desk via e-mail at or by calling them at 937-229-3888.