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Passports and Visas

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Students must have a passport for participation in any education abroad program. You often need your passport several months before your program begins. You also need a passport before you can apply for any required visas. Thus, start on your passport application as soon as you make the decision to study abroad.

Application forms are available online at, as well as a detailed list of required documents you need to provide to apply for a Passport. In general, you must:

  • Fill out the appropriate application form
  • Provide Evidence of U.S. Citizenship (and a photocopy)
  • Present ID (and a photocopy)
  • Provide a Photo
  • Pay a $145 fee (cost is subject to change)

Passport photos are available through the Campus One Card office, located in KU, or at many local drug stores' photo department. Applications can be submitted to the Wright Brothers U.S. Post Office on Oakwood Avenue. Visit for a list of all post offices processing passport applications. Allow at least four to six weeks for routine service, and two to three weeks for expedited service.

Visas and other Entry Requirements

Each country has different requirements and procedures for entry.  Generally, students will need to a) determine if there is a need for a visa given the program activities, location(s) and duration, b) identify the consulate or embassy which has jurisdiction over visa issuance, c) obtain up-to-date visa instructions from the consulate or embassy, and d) submit the visa application, passport, and other supporting documents according to those instructions provided. It takes time to obtain a visa, so good planning is required! Also, be aware that personal travel to your designated consulate may be required. For example, the consulates assigned to Ohio residents are often in Chicago.

Information about entry requirements (i.e., visas, immunizations, additional fees, etc.) for travel to other countries can be found at and Consult the Web page for specific programs regarding visa requirements for those programs. For additional information, visit the travel docs page of the Department of State's students abroad Web site.

Also, take note of visa details that are embedded in various program brochures. Many times, the Office of Education Abroad has linked direct resources specific to that country's requirements.