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Scholarship Tips

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Tips for Creating a Successful Scholarship Application


1. Understand your audience. Who will be reading your application essay? What tone is appropriate for this audience?

2. Visualize the Experience
a. How do you "fit" this experience?
b. What qualities do you possess that qualify you for this experience?
c. What will you learn from the experience?
d. How does this opportunity help you get to your future career?
e. Why is this the next logical step in your path?

3. State as specifically as possible your aims and objectives for this experience. 
a. You should explain how the experience relates to your program of study, academic interests and process of vocational discernment.
4. Explain in detail how you expect to accomplish these aims and objectives.

5. Explain how this experience may positively affect your future career plans. 


Tips When Writing

1. Do not have any spelling or grammatical errors. 
2. Do not plagiarize.
3. Address/Demonstrate all elements of the application. Do not leave any required criteria out. 
4. Start with a hook - grab the reader in the first sentence.
5. Likability is huge - make the reader want to support you. 
6. Be clear
7. Be concise
8. Be honest - don't exaggerate your qualifications, experiences or grades but don't dwell on the negative either.
9. Explain why you want this experience - and why you're the best person for it.
10. Dream big, but also demonstrate pragmatism.
11. Get to the point early - then support it. 
12. Don't repeat information, but you may want to reinforce an important point in different ways.
13. Make the reader believe in your dream.